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by Darina on February 28, 2011

I have some news to share with you.

My mother’s website is finally up!  She is a member of the Canadian Federation of Artists and has been showing her here in Vancouver and abroad for many years. I’m exited by this web project of hers, because I believe more than ever it is important for artists of every kind to have some kind of online presence.  You never know where it can lead. Perhaps nowhere, but at least there is that chance. Sometimes all it takes is one contact, one admirer to make a difference in your audience.

With my second blogaversary around the corner, I am reflecting on blogging, tweeting, Facebook pages. On how technology has changed and impacted what it means to be an artist in general, a writer in particular.

I began my blog as an online portfolio to promote my food and travel writing. Little did I know that the market has become so saturated with food blogs, both good and bad, that editors are wary of prospective writers who have them. Food writer Dianne Jacob, in her wonderful blog, says that there is an idea out there that writers should not mention their food blogs when they pitch editors, as they will be seen simply as bloggers (read: amateur) and somehow diminished in their eyes. At the same time, many professional food writers have felt the need to start a blog to demonstrate their expertise and stay visible to their target audience. It’s a complicated issue, one difficult to navigate.

So why do I continue to blog? I often ask myself this very question, especially when I haven’t posted for a week or two and writing is just another item on my list of things-to-do. Things stop being fun when they become mandatory, or when you forget why you’re doing them in the first place.

But then I stop and realize that this is an important part of my writing practice, an outlet for my cooking and photography. It has also helped me meet many wonderful people who share my interests. That makes it more than worth it.

I’m also learning more and more about food every day. It’s a vast topic. There’s so much to say, especially about local and sustainable food–topics that interest me greatly, yet ones I once barely considered. I’m in the middle of researching an article right now for Edible Vancouver, one of my favorite publications. Look for it in the autumn issue.

In the meantime, I’m still working on my fiction, taking pictures when the light permits, and cooking as much as I can. I love the process of learning and hope I never stop.

So tell me. What keeps you blogging?

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