Linguine with Portobello Mushroom Prosciutto Leek and Creamy Spinach Pesto

by Darina on June 2, 2012

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Hello. I’ve been away for awhile again, trying to settle into a stressful new job and juggling a couple of classes and various other demands while trying to find time to cook and shoot what I love to shoot best–food. Although I haven’t been posting, I have been shooting and have a few posts in the pipelines to share over the next couple of weeks. I start with this pasta dish, which was largely inspired by a lousy spaghetti Carbonara I ordered at I-won’t-say-which restaurant last night. Carbonara is my favourite pasta dish, and Marcella Hazan’s  recipe gets thousands of hits on my blog. I make it often and whenever I’ve ordered it out, it’s always been immensely satisfying–until last night. The offering on my table yesterday was coated in a  most likely bottled sauce that tasted slightly sour. I doubt very much it had cream in it at all. It also had little chunks of pink mystery meat which surely wasn’t the requisite bacon. When I eat out, I want something at least as good as, if not better, than I can make for myself at home, otherwise it’s not worth spending the money. Thankfully the waiter could see I was unhappy and didn’t charge me for it, but left that restaurant hankering for a good pasta dish.

After a visit to Granville Island market this morning, I whipped up linguine with portobello mushroom, prosciutto and leeks in a creamy spinach pesto. The spinach pesto was from The Stock Market  but this recipe is a good one when I have the time. The Stock Market sells the most amazing soups, salad dressings, sauces and compound butters with ingredients such as sage and lime. Everything is handmade in their Granville Island kitchen and is perfect in a pinch.

To make two servings of this dish I cut up one portobello mushroom in strips, three pieces of prosciutto, the white part of a small leek and sauteed it all in in couple of tablespoons of olive oil. I cooked the pasta until it was very al dente and tossed it in a pan with a quarter cup of cream until the cream reduced to coat the linguine, and then added a couple of dollops of the spinach pesto and a pinch of salt and pepper. I topped it with the mushroom, prosciutto, leek and some freshly grated Parmesan and voila! A delicious pasta meal that put last night’s carbonara out of my mind.

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Simply Life June 4, 2012 at 4:03 am

What a fabulous combo of ingredients! Looks much better than any restaurant version I know of!

Darina June 4, 2012 at 12:08 pm

Thank you so much. That’s the great thing about pasta–anything goes.

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