Ricardo’s Beef and Mango Salad

by Darina on May 18, 2015

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It’s the May long weekend here in British Columbia, always the sign that grilling season is here. Not only have I had a bit of sorely needed time to myself to do the things I most like to do–such as photograph and read–I’ve had the chance to get into the kitchen to try a few new things, like this Beef and Mango Salad by Ricardo. It’s a quick melange of grilled beef and mango, garnished with cilantro, chopped Thai basil, and cashews with a finish of olive oil and lime.
Ricardo's Beef and Mango Salad_gratineeblog.comIt’s been a while since I’ve started writing my own recipes for the blog but lately it feels as though I have been running out of ideas. As always when I’m in the peculiar place of kitchen limbo, I turn to the Internet. A lot of my favourite go-to sites are those of the Food NetworkCanada chefs such as Ricardo of Ricardo’s Cuisine. Although food and cooking for the people I love are some of my biggest passions, I still want it to be relatively low key and easy and without a lot of fuss. I think quality, in-season ingredients combined with creativity trump complicated cooking techniques every time.

I’m also a textural eater. I love the interplay of smooth and crunchy, the interplay of salty and sweet. This salad has that with the toasted cashews and mango, with the herbs providing balance, the steak a bit of heft to tide you through a summer afternoon. I’ve had this twice this week already and find myself craving more.

It’s as easy as throwing a steak on the grill for a few minutes and cutting it into thin slices and tossing it with similarly thin strips of mango and tossing the whole lot with some herbs and lime.For the complete recipe click here.

Ricardo's Beef and Mango Salad_gratineeblog.comRicardo's Beef and Mango Salad_gratineeblog.com


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